Welcome to SunPOS

Sun POS can help you control your resources, understand your customers, raise management efficiency, reduce your costs and optimize your service. Our system is designed to help decrease errors and increase the efficiency of the staff. Our interface is easy to use no matter what computer knowledge the operator has. Our research has shown that several POS systems are too complex and some actually can cause issues that have an immediate impact on lost revenue such as:

• Staff spends too much time inputting orders and cannot focus on customers.
• Order errors due to complex order screens or inadequate modifier options.
• Payment processing is too time consuming.
• Incomplete and/or inadequate management reporting capabilities.

SunPOS can help decrease the occurence of these factors. Our system is designed to help all levels of staff increase productivity and efficiency, saving you money and increasing your revenue. At SunPOS, we understand that every business is different. Your needs may be different than other establishments. We can design, develop and customize a project that meets the immediate & long term needs of your business. We know how important your business is to you. We want to help you succeed. Purchase the Sun POS system and let us start working for you today.